Beating the Midwinter Blahs

(Photo credit: Miss Dee Fire)

It’s been a long, cold January here in Saskatoon, and the Menagerie has mostly been huddled together trying to stay warm while we get things in place for our 2019 season. We’ve briefly emerged from hibernation, though, because we love to offer sparkly, tasseled support to other local organizations and artists!

In mid-January, we performed at a fundraiser for Living Sky Wildlife Rehab. A small and enthusiastic group of animal lovers were treated to performances that featured some of our wildest creatures, while raising money to care for more vulnerable animals in the province. Now we’re gearing up to spend Groundhog Day on an entirely different stage. (If a burlesque performer sees their shadow, do we get six more weeks of glitter?)

Come to the Capitol Music Club on Saturday, February 2 for Pussy Pop!, an evening of feminist art in support of Scantily Glad Theatre’s SCUM: A Manifesto. Members of the Menagerie and other feminist, queer, and trans artists are preparing to share work including burlesque, spoken word, music, and more. If that isn’t enticing enough (which of course it is, but who doesn’t like an extra visual treat?), the venue is being transformed for the evening into Andy Warhol’s Factory, the New York City studio space where the artist held his famous parties.

SCUM: A Manifesto is a darkly comedic play which follows two modern young women learning about the work of Valerie Solanas, the author of the infamous radical feminist manifesto after which the play is named. These scenes are interspersed with exploration of the life of Solanas herself in the lead up to her 1968 shooting of Andy Warhol. The play runs from March 7 to 17 at Live Five Theatre. We’re all so excited to watch the play and to participate in this fundraiser!

Tickets to Pussy Pop! are $15-$20 on a sliding scale and are available online or at the door.

Tickets to Pussy Pop!

Pussy Pop! Facebook event page

Tickets to SCUM: A Manifesto

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