Playboy – no nudes, Penthouse – full figured nudes! #EffYourBodyStandards

Recent changes in the print adult industry have been socially progressive. Or at least appear to be.

Playboy will no longer feature nudes.

We’d like to think that this would be a really good social progression. This unfortunately will probably be a smart marketing model shift for their business. The playboy mansion is up for sale. If you were to say that in the 70’s 80’s or 90’s, people would be shocked. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if they came out with 1 issue per year with a photo spread, because nothing like a little bit of controversy in the mass media to get the sales of print magazines back in order. We’d also like to think that the publishers should get back to the roots of the original magazine. Help people. Promote really good writers. Fight copyright issues. Push boundaries and promote knowledge into peoples minds for a better pop culture with interesting articles.

But that won’t get everyone to buy magazines. Unfortunate that tabloid reporting has become the norm. Sorry Hugh, hope you find a good place to write your essays.

Alternately, their biggest competition, Penthouse is shifting focus to include more diversity. This past January, Kelly Shibari is Penthouses first full figured model. She does not fall in the average, and has established herself already in the adult content industry. And growing up half asian with a not-so average body shape in Japan meant more than just being bullied everyday. More on that here at Huffingtonpost… funny how they have a category for just about anything to report on. But surely the original reporter won’t get paid for that either…

We’d like to think that this isn’t a clickbait or a one time event, and that all publishers/producers of adult content will embrace larger philosophies. Like help promote body diversity besides a larger ratio wasp waist, (we’re looking at you Sports Illustrated). Could this be the start of the new Sexual Revolution 3.0? Consent has already become part of conversation, habit and polite behaviour. Book clubs debating over the best guides if being Ethical Slut or Going Home and Having Dinner is better for some local cultures/environments. Do it yourself clubs with 3D printers making better shaped personal vibrators. Open information about sexuality taught from day zero to children. Imagine what better world we could have…

But is this something to report on? Absolutely, especially when there have been whole fetish industries built around /each and every individual tastes. The recent surge in interest in BDSM toys and workshops is definitely related back to the amount of 50 Shades sold. Or is this just a new way for the larger corporations to take a bit of the smaller niche markets? And we haven’t seen that before in other industries have we?

So, what does this mean? More realistic bodies in print, on screen, and any medium that can transmit a story? Is this a trend that will come and go? Rubenesque super-heros in comic books? Or will this be an evident change in the direction of adult print publications that will carry on? Give the people what they want?

Or is this merely a temporary respite, from being overwhelmed with the same message over and over and over again? Which is what caused people to stop paying attention and much needed consumer dollars for those products.

Just remember folks, it’s the question that matters more than the answer.

Stay tuned, stay sexy.

Morningwood in the Morning!

He’s got a rambling tongue, all sorts of things, does he actually get to a point? Maybe. But this goes in your ear… Berkely from the Saskatoon Sexual Health Center talks with Menagerie’s Peter MorningWood. It’s talk on art, roles, feminism, and did he actually ever get to defining what Burlesque is?

For fun Sex Plus Radio, click here!

Oh yeah! And there’s a show on March 4th and 5th! Win Tickets!

Sexy – Not Sexy

This kind of looks like one of our troupes vinyl collection…

Painted Wolf

While looking through bad album cover design (something I love to do) I noticed how some of the cover models must have thought how goddamn hot they looked or that the persona they chose for themselves was one of pure sex  and charisma and they just had to share it with the world. Some are just purely ill-conceived – what the monkey was Action Bronson trying to say w/ his LP Saab Stories? And goddamn it if I’m not tired of seeing Madonnas old crotch staring at me from the shelves. You just can’t say enough about former Dexy’s Midnight Runner front man and singer of 80’s staple “Come On Ilene – To Ra Aye” cross dressing LP My Beauty. Of course there’ll be LPs designed to shock “My Pussy Belongs to Daddy” and the wonderfully named Nigel Pepper Cock’s hit – Fresh White Reeboks Kicking Your Ass. PS – Vince Capretta…

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Perle Noir : What it’s Really Like to be a Burlesque Dancer

Perle lays out the nitty gritty and her dedication to Burlesque.

From a mainstream magazine that somehow finds new ways to things in the bedroom each month. Or at least prints out clickbait.

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Body Positivity – Male Performers in Burlesque

So, we don’t have what would be considered traditional Magic Mike or Beefcake Chippendale type guys in the Menagerie Burlesque Company. Our own Peter MorningWood often hashtags his own pictures with #DadBod4Life and is a lot closer to the Full Monty.


But our audience loves body diversity.

We’re all shapes and sizes, looking like average people, who get up on stage, and make sure that you are having a good time. Because we’re having a good time. Our audiences tell us, it’s great to see! We’ve found our own audience to be as diverse, so why exclude them from the fun? Well, besides the part where we’re taking our clothes off or making ridiculous theatrical numbers, that’s our schtick… Wait, where was I? Oh yes…


Without diversity in Burlesque, the art form will stagnate and die off. Bold statement, yes, but without that diversity, we are only perpetuating mass statements of ‘This is what Burlesque is, and nothing else.’ The same bump and grind piece becomes a boring run of the mill, get it at another place for cheaper, do I have to listen to this song again… ugh. The commonplace numbers will breed contempt and distaste for the whole culture. And we want to tease, we want you curious and wanting, we’ll be taking you to places that you didn’t expect.

A recent article from showed a big nod to the male burlesque performers out there, good read, check the link.

“As with everything, we’re subject to the mores we’ve been raised with,” he said. “People sometimes come to shows and expect us to be taking off our clothes to reveal Playgirl-fit bodies.” Jonny Porkpie, Burlesque Mayor of New York, all around nice guy, and he’s running for President. (Psst, you can also buy his book, The Corpse Wore Pasties, great gift for days that end in the letter Y.)

Hooray! and #EffYourBodyStandards What’s Healthy and Beautiful and Sexy? Laughter. What’s even better? Making art that is sexy, comedic, satirizing, subversive, and most importantly – a lot of fun. We’re outrageous on your behalf, and thank you for supporting local art.

Stay tuned in you animals, more #Burlesque info coming your way.

What A Show!

Hey folks, you’ve seen our sparkly boobs! Now you can listen to the ladies of the Menagerie and a gracious host Berkley Staite! Put this in your ear! We’re working on a way so you can see us, AFTER the show!  Stay tuned for that!

And what a show!


Studio 914 hosted a great audience, what a great venue to perform in! Always gracious and they also amazing theatre shows including Getting your Christmas Rez fix in with the  Nīcimos Book Launch and Party Presented by the Gordon Tootoosis Nīkānīwin Theatre!

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Dirty Birds, Dirty Words – Definitely Not a Thanksgiving / Black Friday /Christmas show!

Tonight and Tomorrow! An erotic poetry burlesque show! Definitely Not a Thanksgiving / Black Friday /Christmas show!

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