Let’s Get Dirty

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Come see us at Dirty Birds, Dirty Words: Volume 2

The countdown is ON! There’s less than two weeks until our next show, and we’re getting positively hot under the collar about it. We can’t wait to show you our enormous. . . talent.

March 10 & 11 at the Remai Arts Centre. Call 1-306-384-7727 or contact your (very) friendly neighbourhood Menagerie Burlesque Company members for ticket information.

Time to Get Lucky!

Dirty Birds, Dirty Words 2 features some of your favourite Menagerie Burlesque Company performers and several very special guests.

We will shock, delight, and amaze you with talented tongues, big reveals, and, (of course) sparkly boobs. So how could it possibly get any better?

Well. . . you could get to go for free. Click the link to see enter.

We’ll pick our lucky winner on Friday!

Sex! On the Radio! Words! Birds! Exclaim!

Hey everyone! Get your earholes ready for the sounds of Sex! on the Radio!

The lovely ladies of the Menagerie Burlesque invaded a local community radio station, which just happens to have a fantastic sex talk radio show called Sex Plus hosted by Sexual Health Educator (and really nice guy) Berkley Staite!

Listen to it here.

Direct link to save it to your favorite device – Get the MP3 Here!.

Apple Devices – iTunes store – Free Podcast!

Check in with Sexual Health Centre Saskatoon for more details, they have great programs, information, and a shop where they sell a variety of fun and inexpensive vibrators starting at $5. 

ONLY $5 dollars?! #YXE you can’t go wrong with a deal like that.

And don’t forget, we’ve got a show coming up on Nov 27th and 28th. $20 dollars in advance, $25 at the door. Merchandise will be available to help support artists in the show, including Tonight It’s Poetry.

What? Burlesque and Poetry? Together? Fun! Make your weekend the best!

Dirty Birds, Dirty Words : An Erotic Poetry Burlesque show!

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Dirty Birds, Dirty Words : An Erotic Poetry Burlesque Show!

Dirty Birds - Dirty Words : an Erotic Poetry! Burlesque! StoryTelling! Show

Dirty Birds – Dirty Words : an Erotic Poetry! Burlesque! StoryTelling! Show

Guests include

Champions of the 2015 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word – Tonight It’s Poetry right from our lovely hometown of Saskatoon!

Bonnie Logan and Danica Lorer of the Saskatoon Story Tellers Guild

Lady DeWinter of the River City Revue Burlesque

Erin Dingle of Calgary bringing more sparkly poetry!

Tickets $20 in advance

$25 at the door

Need more details?



Don’t forget to bring a little extra to get some awesome merch from our sponsors!

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